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Electric Guitar Resources:

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Electric Guitar Resources:

1. Klein Electric Guitars

Welcome to Klein Electric Guitars! We masterfully craft these innovative, ergonomic, and toneful instruments by hand.

2. Electric guitars, Acoustic guitar and Fender guitars - Instrument Pro

Website source for buying musical instruments including electric guitars. Electric guitars, Acoustic guitar and Fender guitars.

3. Howstuffworks "How Electric Guitars Work"

The invention of the electric guitar changed the music world forever. Its distinctive sound winds its way through most popular music from the past 50 years.

Guitar Related Articles:

Picking Hand Discipline

I have often been asked how I, and other players, are able to play really fast without playing sloppy. Playing sweep picked arpeggios cleanly while using a lot of gain (distortion) can be a big challenge. Many players hav...

By: Tom Hess

Need Help Starting A Successful Career In Music?

Do you need immediate help starting a successful career in music? Here are 4 things that will put you on the right track. Practice to become a professional musician – Continuously work on imp...

By: Tom Hess

Guitar Lessons - The Very Basics

When trying to learn to play any instrument, it is not necessary to master the scales as that may be difficult for you. What happens is that the person might become irate and end up hating the instrument you lose patience....

By: Bill McRea

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