Remo Powerstroke 3 22

By: Allen Newsom

Remo has knocked the skins off of the drum head market with it's Powerstroke 3 22" bass head. This head features a thin underlay at the outer edge of the head to subtly dampen unwanted overtones. And, it creates a near-perfect balance of response and tone control that has quickly made Powerstroke 3 one of Remo’s most preferred drum heads. Listen to what people have to say about it:

"When I purchased my kit I was displeased with its heads and then purchased the Remo Powerstroke 3 head. It was wonderful and I absolutely love it. This head provides me with the strength, attack, sound, and value I have always wanted. Remo is definitely my number one choice." LiL' Drummer Boi from Gastonia, NC.

"I just recently changed the head on my 22" kick, and I went from a REMO weatherking to the Powerstroke 3. I had to stuff the drum excessively with the weatherking, to keep the ring down, and the sound was flat, and had no "click" to it. With the Powerstroke, I was able to take out most of the stuffing and the sound is great. It has a deep, loud boom with a satisfying click and no ring. Beautiful..." ShadesOfBlack from Oakland, MD.

"Incredible sound, punch, response. An overall outstanding product. With over 10 years of experience of playing drums, with no doubt this is the best bass drum head I have ever owned." Anonymous Musician from Starkville, MS.

Its no wonder Remo is the Standard on 90% of Drum sets. This is a premier head for the money. Top*Shelf Accessories

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