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You will find all sorts of Guitar Related Information & Links in our resource section. If you have a related website and wish to add your link, please feel free to do so.

Guitar Repair Resources:

Guitar Articles & Information.

Guitar Repair Resources:

1. Guitar Repair Bench

Instructional articles and guides for repairing and building electric and acoustic guitars.

2. Midwest Guitar Repair School

Luthiers school teaches repair and building skills and shop offers repair and customizing of stringed.

3. Guitar Repair Shop

If you're trying to find a specific article on repairing your guitar online, this is the place to look.

4. Guitar Repair Shop

Guitar repair site which has some articles and tutorials.

Guitar Related Articles:

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I am fond of saying, to others and to myself, one of my guiding principles of life and guitar: "the most important thing in life is knowing what you want, and ...

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Here is whats wrong with YOUR sweep picking technique


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